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SWR Design Abilities

SWR motorsport has been involved in a wide range of design projects from Chinese touring car installation to historic formula one parts, using the latest technology of 3D laser scanning, digital measuring arm, CAD/CAM software and 4 axis CNC machine SWR are able to produce high quality products and designs for your requirements.

Digital Measuring Arm
Romer 2.0 Metrology Measuring Arm
This piece of fully portable measuring equipment designed for easy data logging of hole centres and pick up points.
  • The Romer 2.0 is a fully mobile measuring arm that has many uses from measuring small to medium parts.
  • We use it for checking the accuracy of parts and for the first stage of design to accurately digitize points that are needed to be captured this is then worked into a model or to check suspension points and arms for trueness as sometimes it is difficult to know.
  • The arm has been used on a variety of components already ranging from suspension components for a historic formula 1 car to the new Ford Transit van undergoing a conversion to a motorhome.
  • By being able to locate hole positions more easily this allows the part design time to be shorted therefore shortening overall completion times but still allow the high quality to be retained on all the components we produce here at SWR Motorsport.
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    3D Laser Scanner
    Creaform 3D Laser Scanner
    Reference: 3D Laser Scanner
    The latest 3D laser scanning technology designed to improve engineering design, accuracy and quality.
  • This hand held 3D laser scanner is very versatile and has the capability of capturing a full and accurate 3D model of a part showing data such as hole measurement and depths, overall measurements, centres and more. Scanning size is not restricted so you can scan parts ranging from a car hub nut to a full size race car making it possible to capture the part scanned and all the data ready to re-design or to archive it for future use.
  • With the 3D laser scanner being handheld this gives us limitless possibilties when it comes to where we can go, we can scan in house at SWR Motorsport or take the equipment to customers and use it on their site. With the data easier to capture designs and models can be generated much more easily compared to that of previous technology.
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    Travel Case

    Scanned for internal dimensions


    Scanned for restoration work


    Scanned for restoration project

    Nose Cone

    Scanned for restoration project

    Gearbox Casing

    Scanned for installation purposes

    Motorbike Yoke

    Scanned for restoration project

    Lotus Subframe

    Scanned for customer project

    Ford Transit

    Scanned for internal dimensions of dashboard and rear space

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    CNC Machining
    Hurco VMx 24i and Haas Tl1 lathe
    Reference: CNC Machine
    We have the facility for 4 Axis cnc machining and turning
  • Flexible machining from one off to quantity's
  • hurco bed size 760mmx510mmx550mm
  • hurco 12,000 spindle speed and feed rate up to 15 meters per minute
  • seamless comunication with Cad/Cam software
  • Haas TL1 large chuck capacity maximum cutting diameter 279mm
  • Haas TL1 Long cutting length of 762mm
  • High precision with quick turn around
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    CAD/CAM Software
    Reference: CAD/CAM
    Latest 3D creo Design software with intergrated CAM software for seamless productivity from design to finished machined part.
  • CAD software allows 3D scanned parts to be modified for future manufacturing
  • Large assemblies for collision detection before parts are made to cut down on fitment mistakes
  • Constantly updating models between CAD and CAM software
  • Design Changes to existing designed parts
  • Seamless communication from CAM software to the in house 4 axis CNC machine
  • It is possible to design parts from a custom wheel nut to a full assembled car
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    Reference: Super finisher
    Super finishing facility.
  • Gears can last up to 3x longer than standard finished gears
  • Reduction in heat
  • Reduced friction
  • Small to large quantities undertaken
  • Quick turnaround
  • Gearbox and engine parts
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