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SWR - Mazda

SWR - Mazda MX-5 Assembly

Here at SWR Motorsport we are proud to announce our latest in depth project around the Mazda MX-5. We have been working to introduce the SADEV SCL82-17 6-speed sequential gearbox into the Mk3 (NC) and the Mk4 (ND) MX-5 in a way that provides maximum performance enhancement with as much ease of installation as possible, for the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Trophy Race Series. The main aim of this project was to vastly improve the car with the SADEV gearbox whilst retaining the use of the original Mazda Power Plant Frame (PPF) that ties the gearbox to the differential, keeping its originally designed safety, strength and handling abilities. Finish all that off with a limited edition SWR - Limited Slip rear differential, bespoke gear lever and a clutch and flywheel combination and we have a project we are all excited about and extremely proud of the results.

Check out all the elements of the project below.

PS MX5 3.jpg
PS MX5 1.jpg
MX5-Logo (transparent bg).png

See the whole car and championship here: MX-5 trophy

The Gearbox

Naturally here at SWR Motorsport we knew the SADEV SCL82-17 gearbox was the perfect option for this Mazda MX-5 project. With the already renowned performance and durability of the SADEV gearbox along with its compact, weight saving size - it was going to be the perfect fit, with enormous performance benefits. You can see the SWR x SADEV SCL82-17 Mazda here. We had to get to work on redesigning the tail section of the gearbox in order for it to house the fitments for the original Mazda power plant frame (PPF). Keeping the PPF was integral to the project in order to retain the original Safety, Design and Performance benefits originally designed by Mazda. This along with the direct fit bellhousing and a beautiful bespoke gear lever all designed and machined in house here at SWR Motorsport. 

The Rear Differential

After a few test sessions on track it became quickly apparent to us at SWR Motorsport that this project would definitely benefit from a rear limited slip differential. However this means we would need to make a limited slip differential that would fit nicely inside and original Mazda MX-5 rear differential casing so that we we can still retain the use of the PPF attaching the gearbox to the differential. So we went to work designing, experimenting and manufacturing our very own SWR rear limited slip differential along with a unique final drive ratio..... All in cased in the original Mazda differential casing! 

If you think we could help you out with a similar one make series or project then please feel free to get in contact with us to discuss.

If you require any information or any technical advice please do not hesitate to contact us.


SWR Motorsport EV solutions

Here at SWR Motorsport we have been designing a solution for a few of our own projects incorporating Electric motor conversions. Here is a sneak peak at the current designs in progress.


Mazda MX-5 ND

SWR Motorsport designed mounting plate to fix the Mazda ND gearbox to an electric motor. Including a flywheel and a flywheel adapter flange allowing a standard clutch fitment.


Ford Fiesta Ecoboost

SWR Motorsport designed mounting plate to fix the standard Fiesta 1.6 Ecoboost gearbox to an electric motor. Including a flywheel and a flywheel adapter flange allowing a standard clutch fitment.

SWR Assemblies

SWR Motorsport Assemblies and Mounting Plates


We are all always passionate and excited to see the next project. Please find our popular Mounting Plates we make regularly HERE. Also please find just a few examples of the various full assemblies we have made previously. Including a range of different parts, gearboxes, engines, orientations with one thing in common - The passion for Designing Performance Art. 


Performance Art


SADEV SCL82-17 with SWR designed and manufactured Bellhousing, Tail section, Gear lever amongst many other modifications in order to be a Plug and Play kit for both the ND + NC Mazda MX-5

SADEV ST82-14 With SWR designed and manufactured Bellhousing, Intermediate shaft carrier, Gearbox mount. including SWR supplied Clutch and Flywheel, to fit into a Ford Fiesta ST


SADEV SCL924 with SWR designed and manufactured Bellhousing. An SWR Motorpsort supplied clutch and flywheel assembly ready to bolt up to a Chevrolet LS3 Engine

SWR Motorsport design and manufactured paddle shift adaption kit to fit onto the SADEV ST82-17.


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