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Here at SWR Motorsport we supply all necessary parts to fully install a SADEV gearbox, or any other gearbox to your current engine and in your current vehicle. This can include bespoke made bell housings, drive shaft carriers, mounts etc. We also manufacture paddle shift adaption kits to fit onto SADEV gearboxes. With an extensive knowledge and database of engines, gearboxes and other vehicle information we can manufacture any parts you may require. We have equipment in house that gives us the ability to reverse engineer parts too, opening up the possibilities of re-manufacturing historic or very hard to acquire parts. Contact us to discuss any manufacturing needs for advice.

Bespoke or one off parts or projects is our passion here at SWR. If you can dream it - SWR can make it. With a range of finishes, from super finishing, providing the part with performance and efficiency benefits, to Aqua blasting for sleek aesthetics. Contact us to discuss your project or part. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gearbox Installaton

Gearbox Installation Kits

We can manufacture and provide parts for any gearbox, SADEV or other, to fit up to any engine you are using, including all variations - Inline, Transverse, Transaxle, Front or Rear mounted. These kits can include parts such as a Mounting plate, Intermediate shaft carrier, Gearbox mounts, Clutches, Flywheels, Driveshafts, Custom Gear Levers.

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Please contact us via the enquiry box on the Contact Us page, with as much information as possible to discuss any gearbox installation requirements.


Paddleshift Kits

We manufacture and supply Paddleshift adaption kits for all SADEV and any other gearboxes. These kits include hydraulic or pneumatic solenoid brackets, gear change clevis adapters or extensions, actuator rod extensions and any other part you may require. If you would like an adaption kit produced for you which is not going to be fitted to a SADEV gearbox we may require a CAD model or the gearbox here for us to manufacture the relevant parts.


Please contact us via the enquiry box on the Contact Us page, with as much information as possible to discuss any paddleshift installation requirements.



We have the ability and equipment to manufacture a vast variety of parts here at SWR Motorsport. These parts are not always limited to motorsport applications. With the use of our two Hurco CNC milling machines, CNC lathe, 3D Laser scanner and our Romer digital measuring arm we specialise in reverse engineering parts that can be hard to find a replacement for. Here at SWR Motorsport we also have finishing equipment including an aqua blaster and a super finisher, giving us the ability to apply a range of finishes to your product, whether it be for aesthetic quality or performance enhancing applications. We also have a CNC router and a laser engraver here for those personalised custom parts!

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Be sure to check up on us on Social Media for updates on recent projects!

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