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SADEV ST82-17 Service Kit - Gear Inspection. This kit includes the standard service items required to be replaced when removing the end case and the gears only.


NOTE: Kit includes both Long and Short shaft retaining clips/circlips. So use whichever you have fitted in your gearbox and discard unused clips.


Kit contents:

2x 9907079 - Snap ring BR37

2x 0601025 - External circlip 33mm

2x 0599002 - Copper washer Ø16.1x23x1

1x 0202080 - O-ring Ø11x1.5

1x 0201039 - O-ring Ø214x3

1x 5002026 - Filler seal

ST82-17 Service Kit - Gear Inspection

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Items must be returned within 30 days of purchase and are subject to inspection to ensure they are in the same new condition as when they were sent. A refund will be issued subject to this inspection.

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